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Why Gays are Leading a Barilla Boycott

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Barilla 300x199 Why Gays are Leading a Barilla BoycottGay right activists have launched a boycott against Barilla Pasta. This comes after the company’s chairman, Guido Barilla, said he would never use a homosexual couples in Barilla advertisements.

Barilla, whose firm owns about a quarter of the US Italian pasta market, told Italian radio show La Zanzara, “I would never do an advert with a homosexual family…if the gays don’t like it they can go and eat another brand.”


Well, turns out, the ‘gays’ were listening. An international boycott is plugging up the social networks of gay peeps here in Dallas, even. This is just one example from my friend Jeff Schick. He actually earns his livelihood as a professional marketer:

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Thursday, Barilla US posted a response on its Facebook page. It wasn’t very well-received (check out the comments), but the company did make a statement:

Unfortunately for Barilla, the general pubic isn’t buying the apology, or the pasta.

Will you?

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